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Jane cattell

Pulse PEMF Independent Sales Representative

Jane Cattell is an experienced Horseman of 40 years, a successful PEMF Professional, and a specialist on Pulse Equine and Pulse Centers’ PEMF technology. She has always been driven to help people, which you can see by her 6 years in the Marine Corps. That combined with her passion for wellness for all animals and humans makes her an extraordinary customer advocate, focused on helping as many as she can to better understand Pulse’s Technology, PEMF Systems, their Benefits, and how they can be integrated into your everyday life. Her focus is to help you start a new business, add to one you have established, or with your own personal wellness journey.
She has assisted many who thought it impossible to have their own PEMF system and business, and those who believed they would never have wellness for themselves or their animals again. Let Jane help you realize your wellness dreams.
Machines Available for Demo:
Pulse XL Pro | Pulse X  | Pulse EQ-XX | Pulse EQ-X

How PEMF Works

PEMF might seem like a new technology in North America, but it has been used throughout Europe and other countries for more than 50 years. 2000+ studies have demonstrated the possible benefits of PEMF, and it is a widely used supportive modality[11] for general wellness and athletic performance of animals[3,7,8] (including dogs, cats, and show, race and pleasure horses) around the world.

The Benefits of PEMF

Jane Cattell


Complement any training program with the relaxing stimulation of PEMF.[3]
Jane Cattell


PEMF is soothing and restorative modality.[4,5]
Jane Cattell


The body’s holistic nature uses PEMF as a catalyst for full-body energy.[6,7]
Jane Cattell


This amplification of natural energy[6,7] encourages the body to function more effectively for overall wellness.

The Science Behind PEMF

Ready to dive into the rich history of electromagnetic field technology and the studies that support the wellness benefits of PEMF? View this PDF to start your research journey!

With Jane

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