The power of two systems that more than doubles the results

This device has the power and control of two EQ-Xs in one yellow box.

Fully customize the intensity for both accessories to strategically apply PEMF in a way never before available. Great for applying PEMF to two separate areas of the horse, a horse and their rider, or two separate horses simultaneously. A great choice for busy equine practitioners who want to provide the most personalized experience possible. This large yellow box will definitely stand out in any barn.

An EQ-XX package includes:

  • 3 different sized loops to work on both small and large animals
  • A Pulse Equine duffle bag
  • Full training including on-line video
  • Optional hands-on training in Atlanta, GA
  • Business & marketing support

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The Pulse Equine Warranty

We pride ourselves in providing timely response and resolution for any issues you encounter as part of our 5-star customer service experience. That’s why we offer a complementary 3-year Limited Warranty that includes 1-day domestic shipping (as location and availability permit) during the first year of ownership for repairs due to normal usage. Extended warranties are available for purchase.