Double the machine, double the pulsing power

The Pulse EQ-XX contains two Pulse EQ-X machines in one high-impact plastic pelican case. Fully customize the intensity for both accessories to strategically use the power of PEMF in a brand new way. This machine is great for pulsing two areas of a large animal or two animals simultaneously. An excellent choice for busy animal professionals, this big yellow box is sure to stand out.

Loops for Animals of ALL SIZES

Unique to Pulse Equine PEMF Accessories!

Pulse Equine’s line of exclusive accessories now features five sets of Animal Loops, ranging in size from 6 to 38 inches. So, whether you run a farm, a zoo, or a thriving PEMF business that caters to animals of all shapes and sizes, Pulse Equine has your animals covered. 

Our Dynamic Midsized Equine Machine

With the additional power of the Pulse EQ-X1, you can utilize two accessories at once. This adaptable machine comes with an attachable, all-terrain, 6-inch-wheeled cart.

Power 2 Accessories at Once

Pulse multiple areas of the body at the same time with the dynamic dual accessory plugs on these machines…

  • Pulse EQ-XX
  • Pulse EQ-X1

Just imagine what shorter session times could mean for your PEMF Business!

Our Ultra-Portable Equine Machine

This little yellow box carries TWICE the PEMF power in half the size and weight (just 23 pounds!) of any competing PEMF machine. The Pulse EQ-X is PEMF to-go! This entry-level machine is excellent for veterinarians, stable owners, and zookeepers alike, but can also bring in additional money to your PEMF business as a rental unit. Better than any other portable PEMF machine on the market, it is easy to travel with and adjustable from low to high intensity with one simple knob.

Training from Experienced Animal Professionals

Better than another piece of equipment.

Before you buy an equine-marketed PEMF machine and accessories from anyone else, ask them what experience, if any, they have had with animals! You may be surprised.

Pulse Equine will supply you with the training and support you need to thrive as a Certified Pulse Equine PEMF Professional along with proven business and marketing systems that yield tangible results. All that with the purchase of our state-of-the-art PEMF device makes this the best deal you’ll find.

Pulse Equine Accessories

Our state-of-the-art Pulse Equine Accessories were created with animal anatomy in mind. Each piece is designed to comfortably and efficiently apply PEMF to the body and is compatible with all Pulse machines.

Animal Loops

Pulse Equine animal loops are more intense than the other animal loops, making them perfect for focused pulsing of extremities and hoof walls..

  • Small Loops: 6″ Diameter – $700
  • Medium Loops: 10″ Diameter – $700
  • Large Loops: 18″ Diameter – $700
  • XL Loops: 28″ Diameter – $850
  • XXL Loops: 38″ Diameter – $900

Pet Pad

Pulse your furry family members with the Pet Pad, available in Small, Medium, and Large as well as custom sizes.

  • Small: 3″ x 22” × 20” – $700
  • Medium: 3″ x 22” × 33” – $800
  • Large: 3″ x 30″ x 48″ – $900
  • Custom sizes up to 48″
  • Standard 6’ tail with custom lengths available

NEW: All sizes have an additional 1″ layer of latex for added comfort!

Need a longer accessory tail?

Our standard animal loop tails are 15 feet. Need more reach between your PEMF machine and accessory? We can customize tail tubing for $25 per additional foot, up to 25 feet.

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