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Go for the gold with Pulse at your side!
In our travels to shows, events, and sales across the country, we have had the immense pleasure of supporting animals from a wide range of competitive disciplines with the power of PEMF. Our clientele include horses of all types and disciplines as well as a variety of pets, livestock, and even zoo animals!

Personal Experiences

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English Disciplines

“Love, Love, Love PEMF!!!”

Wendy Arndt
International Equestrian Connection, Aiken

(Pictured is Grand Prix Horse, Emma Peel 40 ridden by Casey Mason)

“I used the Pulse Centers PEMF system extensively on my horses through the latter part of the Wellington show season and will be using it again. I found it could make my horses backs and necks feel like butter and also isolate and resolve muscles where they were holding themselves. I have no hesitation in stating that use of Pulse Centers PEMF Therapy improved the performance and development of my horses in the FEI competition arena.”

Ilse Schwarz
Ilse Schwarz Dressage, Wellington, FL

“After PEMF Therapy… it’s like Riding a Fresh Horse!”

David Blake (IRE)

“Thank you, John and Pulse Centers for the valuable training and equipment to take great care of our equine athletes!”

Cheryl Fischer

Trainer (and Mom) of Lauren Fischer, part of the Winning US Junior Nation’s Cup Team, Wellington FL 2015 and happy owner of a Pulse Centers all-terrain PEMF system.

Prelim. Win at the FENCE Horse Trials

A post-Cross Country PEMF Session at the FENCE Horse Trials left “Will You be Mine” (Cupid) Refreshed and Ready to jump a Double Clear Stadium round the next morning!

Clemson Inter-Collegiate Eventing Rider, Caroline Andrews, was the winner of our “Dressage STAR Award” for the Lowest Preliminary Dressage Score and went on to WIN their Preliminary Division, just their 2nd try at this level!

NAJYRC Silver Medalist in Showjumping, Brittni Raflowitz’s Baloumina was 1 out of only 2 horses to jump a DOUBLE CLEAN in the Nations Cup!

Brett, Tracy and Brittni Raflowitz of Equestrian Services International own their own PEMF system for Brittni’s Show Jumpers!

“The EQX is amazing and it has helped my horses with their neck and back muscles along with any other areas of inflammation. They feel more supple and start off much looser. It has also helped make my back more comfortable.

I really do LOVE this machine!”

Margie Engle
American Show Jumping Equestrian

“Buying our PEMF machine from Pulse Centers was the best investment I have made for the barn… EVER!

We would not be able to stay on the road showing without PEMF Therapy and now we have 2 ponies that are First Place in the Nation!”

Cassandra Long
Timbercreek Stables, Magnolia, TX

“I can’t believe I ever trained horses without this machine! The difference with the EQ-X PEMF System is like night and day!”

Will Simpson
Olympic Gold Medalist

Western Disciplines

“This therapy truly is amazing. Our horses softness through their bodies and physicality in their stops changed over night. If you have got a horse in the performance industry… I highly recommend.”

Justin Stanton
Stanton Performance Horses, TX

PEMF Professionals

“I had done research in the past on PEMF technology and was interested in the business side of it, but I needed to know if it worked, so this was the perfect opportunity. I sat in the Pulse chair for 30 minutes. I got up and didn’t feel any different. Bummer. I woke up the next morning and OMG, I felt amazing! I didn’t have to stretch or do any of my normal routines to get out of bed. Amazing! So, I bought the X1, equine loops, and the chair. I had 2 jobs at the time and, within 6 months, I was full-time working for myself! I now have 2 machines and I am enjoying every minute of this business!”

Ethelyn Churchell
Black Cat Ranch PEMF – Central North Carolina

“Last year, I pulsed a cow, because she was trimmed wrong. After a few sessions, she was back to normal and showed great! Also, I pulsed 2 Horses at AQHA World Show, and they both were World Champions! That made me so excited and happy knowing that I know PEMF works, and people believe in it and me!”

Hannah Bedwell
Bedwell- Pulse for Performance- Ballground, GA

“Tommy is absolutely moving better. Never would have thought this last fall after his EPM diagnosis….Go Tommy and this awesome PEMF therapy!”

Graines & Manes


“I joined the Pulse Equine team in February 2019. I already had an equine massage business that was beginning to branch out into the beef industry, primarily show cattle. I live in an area densely populated with cattle, so it has been a very natural transition for me. Adding PEMF has been instrumental in growing my business. It is appealing to my show cattle clients because it is non-invasive to pre-show preparations and can be effectively performed a week prior or up to the day of the show with optimum results. Investing in a PEMF system through Pulse Equine has been the best business-minded decision I have ever made and I am thrilled to be a part of Pulse Equine!”

Lanae Kline
Kline Performance Equine- Equine and Bovine Therapy: Kewanna, IN:

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