Pulse Equine Certified Practitioner Training Levels

We are committed to one goal: enriching the Equine PEMF community. That commitment does not stop at manufacturing the best PEMF technology in the world. It means building and providing the best training program in the industry. Training and support are crucial to getting the results that you want on a consistent basis. We want you to be as prepared and educated as possible, fully understand what PEMF is and how to use your Pulse Equine PEMF system to get maximum results. That is why we have developed the 3 levels of unparalleled training listed below.

Level 1: Pulse Certified Online Equine and Human Learning

  • This is an online self-paced learning portal with access to training modules, webinars, resources and marketing materials. We update this portal regularly with new content.
  • Upon completion of online training for both human and equine PEMF, practitioners will be given their Level 1 certificates.

Level 2: Capture & Discuss

  • Practitioners will write a short description and capture photos of their PEMF full body session on a horse, led by Pulse Equine Guidelines.
  • Practitioners may submit a complete Capture & Discuss portfolio directly to a member of the Pulse Equine Training Team. Please contact us for the Guidelines or questions regarding submissions.
  • Upon receiving your submission, a Pulse Equine Product Specialist will be in touch within 5 business days with written feedback, to schedule a consultation conversation, and to issue certification or to communicate what is needed further for certification.

Level 2: Equine Proficiency Demonstration Video and Consultation

  • Practitioners will record a video demonstrating a full body Pulse Equine PEMF session on a horse. Videos should be a maximum of 30 minutes in length.
  • Practitioners can send the video to us directly or privately upload the video to YouTube and send us a link for review. Please contact us to learn more about submitting a demonstration video.
  • Upon receiving the video, the Pulse Equine Customer Success Manager will contact the practitioner in 5 business days with the results of the review.

Level 3: Hands-On Training

  • Learn alongside your fellow Pulse Equine PEMF practitioners at a 2-Day Equine Hands-on Workshop featuring 10 full-body positions and 4 recommended extremities positions.
  • For Pulse Equine practitioners that want to learn more about Pulse Centers PEMF for human use, we offer Intermediate Human One-Day Training for the Equine PEMF practitioner led by our knowledgeable team of Human Product Specialists.

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