The “Why” Behind the Whole Body.

One of the questions we often hear at Pulse Equine is, “Why complete a session on the whole horse when there is a need in just one area?” If you are a client of one of our trained Pulse Equine PEMF Professionals, you may have also wondered why they often encourage a whole-body session. This isn’t a matter of personal preference – there is science behind this!

PEMF is the Swiss Army knife of general wellness because it can exercise any cell in the body, regardless of its location. Blood, tissue, nerve, and the rest – PEMF can reach them all.[1] In contrast, many wellness devices on the market tend to focus on just one or two of the body’s systems. Every system of the body exists for a reason and is involved in the function and repair of the overall organism. If you’re looking to assist the body’s self-care regulation, wouldn’t it make more sense to look at the body as a whole rather than just one or two systems?

Some performance trainers focus on a specific injury and not the systems that support the rest of the body. However, those that are true students of the whole body have learned that issues that manifest in one area are often related to or even caused by issues in another part. In fact, some issues that manifest physically may even start emotionally or mentally, and vice versa.

Cells And Systems

In order to get the most out of PEMF, it makes sense to take advantage of systems that serve the whole body. For a prime example, let’s look at the lymphatic system, which is critical for helping the body perform at its peak level.

The lymphatic system is composed of the lymph nodes, bone marrow, and lymph vessels. This particular system has some focused responsibilities:

  • Primary defense against disease
  • Filter bacteria
  • Remove damaged cells
  • Clean tissue
  • Help cells detox
  • In horses, the lymphatic system is also responsible for nourishing and cleansing the hoof horn (which has no blood supply of its own).

The reason we view PEMF as the Swiss Army knife of wellness is because it does not focus on a system or condition. In fact, PEMF does not treat or diagnose any diseases or ailments. Instead, PEMF stimulates and exercises the cells in the body to empower them to do their jobs better.[2] Applying PEMF to the entire body exercises the cells in every system, not just an area of issue. These cells can then take in nutrients, release waste and toxins, and support the body’s natural healing abilities.[7]

This is where the lymphatic system comes in. No matter where these toxins are released in the body, the lymphatic system is there to help remove them. While PEMF does not directly work on the lymphatic system, it may lead to a release of waste that the lymphatic system will help to remove. PEMF becomes a complementary player in the body’s natural wellness functions.[12]

It’s important to remember: when you focus on targeted areas, you may not be taking advantage of the intricate, interconnected systems that are spread throughout the entire body to support its overall wellness. 

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